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Contact us about natural, effective and affordable solutions for temporary and permanent hair loss, thinning hair, scalp concerns and healthy hair options. We have a new Website under construction therefore not all our products and options is displayed on this website. Please Email or call us to find out more.

Hairplus - Provocative Ponytail Provocative

CODE: 633

Price: $75.00

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Hairplus - Classy Ponytail Classy

CODE: 623

Price: $75.00

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Activance Hair Stimulant 200ml

CODE: 600100

Price: $85.95

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thumbnail_5114_thumb.jpg Murray's Cocosoft Coconut Oil 354g

CODE: 5114

Price: $15.00

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thumbnail_Hair pieces ponytail Michelle HAIRPLUS WEB.jpg Clip on Ponytail with Claw Clip MICHELLE

CODE: 7881A

Price: $65.00

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thumbnail_Hair pieces ponytail Dora HAIRPLUS WEB.jpg Clip on Ponytail with Claw Clip DORA

CODE: 7287

Price: $65.00

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Jazz by Jon Renau

CODE: 5361

Price: $284.00

Please call us to order this product

Hair do - Formal event DELICATE by Easihair

CODE: 907

Price: $84.95

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